Rocket 1.3 - Release Notes

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We have an exciting new update to share with everyone - Rocket 1.3 has been released! This will be the final update before the anticipated launch of Rocket 2.0. In this release we have made improvements to our administration panel, implemented smart contract versioning, and patched a few general bugs. These updates will pave the way for the launch of our revolutionary STO platform, and ensure a successful rollout.

These include:

Admin Panel: There are significant new additions to our admin panel that will increase usability. Users with administrative privileges will now be able to apply credit, reset their passwords, and upload application documents (ToS, legal, etc.)

Newsletter Opt-In: Existing users who were not provided with an opt-in option, can now decide whether or not to receive marketing emails about Rocket developments. This feature will ensure that clients and users, will be up to date on the latest news for Rocket.

Versioning for Smart Contracts: Versioning will be a unique feature on the Rocket platform. The implementation will allow our developers to handle crowdfunds, which use different versions of the smart contract. The upgrades will completely eliminate the risk of a TGE that could not be completed because the code would use a different version of the API to try and interact with the contract.

Rocket 2.0 will be released in the next update, making it the most comprehensive Token Genereration Platform on the market. Outside of the Rocket platform we also have some exciting developments around the Etherparty brand. Going forward, Etherparty will be known as Vanbex Labs, a name which represents our commitment to blockchain technology. Rocket will still be fully supported and developed, but will be joined by several other projects as we experiment with groundbreaking blockchain development. Check out the full rebrand details here and make sure to follow our social channels to get the latest news!

  • The Rocket Team