Rocket 1.1 - Release Notes

. 2 min read

We are happy to introduce our latest major release, Rocket 1.1. There are a number of exciting updates to our our flagship token generation event platform which are outlined below.

The progress on Rocket has been significant since its launch in July, and the team has been hard at work iterating on the functionality to deliver new features. While the initial launch was a huge milestone for the team, our focus now is to build in a series of ambitious improvements to the platform over the next year.

Rocket 1.1 is the first step in our commitment to keeping the platform best-in-class. The major additions include:

Payment Improvements: The integration with Coinpayments is now live, allowing Rocket users to use Bitcoin, Ether, or FUEL as payment options. Furthermore, at the request of our community we have removed the paywall so users can try out Rocket for free, all major features are available for testing except deploying the contract itself.

Whitelisting: Users now have even more control over who can contribute to their crowdfund. This is part of our new comprehensive feature list to ensure compliance and transparency for token generation events on the platform.

Social Sharing: Users can now share token generation events via all major social channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Slack. This is done via an easily shared URL that provides the name, description, and relevant info about the token generation event.

Analytics Improvements: Significant analytics improvements have been made on the backend of Rocket to ensure that user data is collected and used correctly.

General Updates/Bugfixes: New additions to the user interface, flow, and general fixes and tweaks to the platform.

Our goal is to make Rocket the premier token generation platform in the blockchain industry, and we are well under way to realizing that objective. We can’t wait to share the next set of updates that the team is working on now, so stay tuned to our channels for the latest news and releases from Rocket & Etherparty.

Our community is what drives us, and the team needs your feedback to keep building Rocket the right way, so please join the discussions and help us launch Rocket even further!