The Rocket Guide to Launching Your Blockchain Project

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Feeling overwhelmed by your blockchain project and all the complexity of getting it off the ground? You’re not alone.

Our free eBook covers the fundamentals of launching a successful Token Generation Event (TGE). These are the essential building blocks of any successful project in the blockchain space. The content of this eBook is based on our extensive experience working with blockchain startups, so read through the summary, dive into the guide, and let us know your thoughts!

The Rocket eBook covers several key areas for your project:

  • Creating a Whitepaper. This will be one of the most important document when it comes to the success of your TGE.
  • Building a Brand. It’s not enough to just have a great idea—how you present that idea is crucial, as well. You need to actually create a brand to showcase your idea.
  • Budgeting for Development. How much will your project actually cost? This is an important question to answer early and it can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Clearing Legal Hurdles. Legal counsel, such as whether the token you’re offering is a security or a utility in the jurisdiction in which you are incorporated, is not just highly recommended; it’s required.
  • Defining a Funding Goal. Any successful blockchain project requires a realistic and achievable funding goal. This milestone will set the tempo of the campaign.
  • Establishing a Timeline. A well-defined timeline can help plot out how you will reach your goal in a fast, easy, and efficient manner.
  • Developing your Smart Contract. All token TGEs require a smart contract to facilitate and govern the terms of the Token Distribution Event.
  • Defining a Marketing Strategy. Bring your TGE to the attention of your contributors — no one is going to support your project if they don’t know about it.
  • And Launch!

To download the free eBook, just follow this link. You will receive both a download link and an emailed version of the pdf.

We believe that sharing our knowledge and experience with the wider blockchain community is an important step in staying true to our roots in decentralization and open-source software. To that end, we welcome you to join our community and share any feedback you have with us. Together we can ensure that the next generation of blockchain projects are sustainable and successful.

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