Etherparty Launches Consumer-Ready Smart Contract Application, ‘Rocket’

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Rocket’s intuitive interface and guided, user-friendly process is accessible to all.

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The Etherparty team is thrilled to announce — finally! — the launch of Rocket, the user-friendly token crowdsale creator you can use to create and execute a crowdsale on Ethereum or Bitcoin’s blockchain network, enabled through our fantastic partners at Rootstock.

Rocket allows you to create and execute smart contracts, the core programming that facilitates crowdfunding with cryptocurrency, all without the need of a development team. The end-to-end solution is currently designed for utility token-based projects and comes complete with the key elements required to execute a successful token crowdsale.

“Our goal in building software has always been about making it easy to use and understand,” said CEO of Etherparty, Kevin Hobbs. “This product, our first of many to come, democratizes the token generation process and allows anyone to create in a safe, secure, and trusted environment — Shopify for smart contracts.”

Rocket’s intuitive interface and guided, user-friendly process is tailored to entry-level users especially those relatively new to blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space. The objective is to reduce, if not eliminate entirely, the high barrier of entry into the blockchain industry and its most exciting applications — smart contracts and token crowdsales.

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To celebrate the kick-off of our successful launch, we are offering community members the opportunity to win 15,000 FUEL tokens through our Blastoff With Rocket contest.

In addition, the team is already hard at work on designing and building additional support and added services for Rocket, including support for security token-based crowdsales. So stay tuned for more to come and thank you to all of the supporters out there who have been with us throughout this journey.

Any feedback or inquiries regarding Etherparty or Rocket, feel free to contact [email protected].